Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Watch Out DC!

During the July Fourth weekend, circa 2008, I had a little "staycation" with my roommates Lindsey and Blessy. It was a great time to explore historical Philadelphia. Armed with our cameras, we set off to be hometown tourists, but not just any regular Joe Shmoe brand of tourists, we set out to be cheesy tourists and we succeeded in our mission.

That was our first Cheesy Tour, and to date, the only cheesy tour we have embarked on. But that changes this weekend as we set off to tour DC together. Since neither L nor B live in Philadelphia any longer, this should be a great time to catch up while we add more guidelines to follow. And this time we'll have better hair.

Our five original guidelines to effective touring:

1. Obey Signs

2. Good tourists only take photographs where allowed.

3/4. Figure out the basic functions of your camera, scout out clean bathrooms, and take pictures of things that really resonate with you..

5. Don't lose your group!

1 comment:

Blessy said...

That day was great! A wonderful memory! So was DC! =)