Saturday, June 28, 2008

Welcome America!

The Fourth of July is fast approaching and tourism is at an especially high point in my city. This is due to the fact I live in one of the oldest cities in America, Philadelphia. Since I've been a Philly resident for most of my life, there is very little of the historical sites that I have not seen. Still, every once in awhile I like to visit them again.

The following is a guide in how to be a cheesy tourist. Why should you trust this guide? You can trust it because of who wrote it. I wrote it, and I know a little something about how to tour places in a cheesy manner.

This tour will be led by yours truly, along with Lindsey and Blessy. Don't worry, they also carry the mantle of cheesiness with great seriousness. We welcome you, as does John Legend.

1. Good tourists always obey signs.

We are obedient little tourists, so we preceded to go meet this free quaker. His sign doesn't lie.

What makes a Free Quaker special? Unlike other Quakers back in the 1700s, Free Quakers broke with pacifist tradition in wanting to lay the smackdown on the Brits along with the rest of America. So if you need a Quaker to back you up in a fight for freedom, choose a Free Quaker.


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