Sunday, June 29, 2008

Welcome America! Part Dos

After the informative and cheerful discussion with the Free Quaker, the three of us kept traipsing on through the city. On to another historical site where we have a chance to follow another important tourist rule.

2. Good tourists only take photographs where allowed.
Lindsey and Blessy are standing in a very historical place in the above shot. Can you tell where we are? We are in Besty Ross' house, where she entertained people like George Washington and sewed flags with stars and stripes on them. So why did I choose to take a picture of them against a plain white wall instead of in the parlor with the cute fireplace or the cellar with the huge gun? Because I am good tourist.

There were signs all over Betsy's house telling me to not take pictures. The rebellious part of me wanted to snap anyway. Instead I snapped the picture in the one part of her house where I was not forbidden from doing so - the very narrow and steep staircase.

Thankfully, they are not as strict about photography in the courtyard outside of her home.
I don't know what was in his cup. Anyone that has toured Philadelphia or another historical city has probably seen character actors milling about. Talk to them! They are a blast and have lots of interesting information that they deliver with great pizazz.

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