Monday, March 15, 2010

April Hath Put a Spirit of Youth in Everything

After a historically snowy winter, it looks like spring has arrived. My goal is to enjoy Philly springtime with hearty enthusiasm, especially since it generally only lasts for a few days before the oppressive and very long summer season kicks in. In looking over my posts from last year, I realized I made a list of reasons why I love fall and winter (my favorite time of year) and even managed to come up with 10 things I love about the summer, but have never given props to spring. This post shall remedy that oversight.

Reasons why Spring adds pep to my step:

1. It no longer requires selling a kidney to be able to afford berries.

2. Colleagues no longer bond over cold weather complaints. Instead, they now bond over March Madness trash-talking, which makes for interesting eavesdropping while I sip my morning tea and read the paper.

3. Each spring I am hit with loads of motivation to clean out my closets...and this is the year I will actually do so!

4. To me, ice cream is an all year round treat. However, when I try to convince people to trudge through the snow for a gelato outing, I am consistently overruled. Spring means I can now enjoy frozen goodies with friends.

5. Since all the snow has melted away, people no longer look like my friend below.

What do you appreciate about springtime?


Molly said...

Hey Closet Cleaner,

Does that mean you're coming to our Clothing Swap on Sunday? 2pm. I can pick you up at the train.

Susan said...

I was so excited when I saw the Evite for the Clothing Swap, but of course, I have a conflict. I'll be in DC this weekend visiting an old roommate.

I've actually heard them referred to as Naked Lady Parties. Scandalous...

Ali said...

Favorite part of spring... beginning of Phillies season and free Rita's (yesterday) did you claim yours down in DC? :)

Susan said...

Blessy and Lindsey made a Rita's run while in DC. Then they also made an ice cream run right after that, b/c the Brusters down there gave away free ice cream if you wore PJs. They are dedicated!