Sunday, March 14, 2010

DST Beats Me Up

Daylight Savings Time wreaks havoc on my sleeping rhythm twice each year. In the fall when we gain an hour, I get so exited about the extra hour of sleep that I can't fall asleep. But man oh man, Spring Forward is like a roundhouse kick to the head. It can mess me up for days!

Richard S. Holmes is no fan of Spring Forward either.

But in the Spring we set the clocks forward, and the trouble begins. We lose
an hour of sleep. Forgetful people miss Mass, planes, breakfast, and the big
game on TV. Annual losses due to DST confusion have been estimated (by me) at over a million dollars. I myself have missed a flight to Washington and a showing of The
Seven Samurai because of DST.

But instead of simply whining about the problem, he proposes reform to the structure of DST.

Therefore, let us keep the fall ritual as it is. However, one Sunday each Spring, let us set our clocks not one hour forward, but TWENTY-THREE HOURS BACKWARD. Think of all the advantages. We will not lose an hour of sleep; we will gain (almost) a day of rest. It will be Saturday all over again. You will never again miss Confession, or an airplane, or the Redskins game.

Read his whole plan by clicking here.

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