Thursday, November 19, 2009

Are You in Good Hands?

At Bible Study a few weeks ago, a missionary with World Harvest Mission came and spoke about the organization’s vision and ways we could partner alongside of them. Each attendee was given a copy of My Luggage Is Not Heavy, a small book of daily devotions pulled from the prayer letters and blogs of the missionaries. The following is pulled from an entry by Annelise Pierce, serving the Lord in Uganda.

“Have you ever noticed how many layers of security lie between many Americans and trouble? We have home insurance, health insurance, car insurance, life insurance…Insurance for our mistakes, others’ mistakes, and catastrophes. And one of the first things we learn about what it means to be a responsible adult is that we start paying into the funds that provide security for us and loved ones: 401Ks, mortgages, college funds, disability, Social Security, long-term care.

I contrasted our sources of security to the Babwisis’, summed up in a word – relationships.”

She goes on to explain how extended family, friends, and neighbors pull together to help those in need in a place where insurance doesn’t even exist. This is not to say that a savings account is evil or that you should immediately stop contributing to a 401k, but where does you sense of security lie? I am grateful for savings and insurance (though I feel like I need a complex algorithm to choose an appropriate plan) but if I base my comfort in those things, I am bound to be shaken up. There is only One who is steadfast and my security should lie in the truth that God’s grip is sure.

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