Friday, November 27, 2009

Buyer Beware

Forget Best Buy or Walmart, the stores you want to avoid on Black Friday are the ones that cater to children. Moms shopping are scary even on normal days. Moms shopping during a sale are very scary! Since reliable, free babysitters are hard to come by, they all have their children with them. Moms shopping during a sale that have to simultaneously watch their (understandably) agitated children are incredibly scary, and dangerous!

My parents know this, which is why they sent my sister and me out today to buy gifts for the little ones in the family. In one clothing store the purchasing line wrapped all the way around the perimeter. In this line I stood, trying to hold on to my sanity. I hummed along to the Christmas music and remembered to flex my knees periodically.

Here are a few things that will help holiday shopping go smoother:

1. Pray beforehand for the grace to not get angry. Proverbs says it is a fool that is quick to quarrel. Don't be a fool.

2. Be kind to retail staff. They are on their feet all day dealing with stressed shoppers. Flash them a smile and ask them how their day is going. Do not pick a fight.

3. Offer to babysit for a single mom so she can get holiday errands taken care of in an efficient manner.

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