Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I just killed a roach. By myself. There was no choice since neither of my roommates were home at the time. I'm very thankful that we rarely ever see bugs, especially for a city apartment. The only reason I even worked up the nerve was because I spotted it in the bathroom and we only have one. Armed with Raid and prayer, I sprayed at it like a madwoman. Of course it spazed out, which sent me running back to the living room. After a few moments I peeked my head in again and saw it writhing. To be kind and put it out of its misery, I sprayed some more.

It made me wish there was a guy around.


ernest said...

Congratulations!!! Your first Kill!!! In preparations for many more to come!!! Hoooray!!!!

lotus said...

I've been there! I lived in SC for a year and they call the roaches "palmetto bugs". Sounds nice but they are the hugest roaches ever! I had to do that a few times unfortunately so I know the feeling.