Saturday, April 21, 2007

No flow to the following

I wonder if hipster/emo kids ever get tired of wearing tight jeans and yearn to throw on a pair of khakis?

I'm already excited about the vacation day I am taking on the 27th. Work is going well, but a day off is really nice. My eyes sometimes start to bug out after staring at Excel all day. That is also the day that PCRT is starting. The plan for the day is to get out of the apt early armed with my camera, walk around, breathe, read, pray, people watch, eat somewhere new, and then stroll over to 10th Pres. Walking around the city makes me smile.

Some points from Joseph's message at friday's singles meeting @ Cov - Be God dependent, walk in humility, pray, GOSPEL. I don't pray enough. I can pass it off as forgetfulness or lack of time. Unfortunately, it shows a lack of trust and dependency.

One of my favorite pics

They're great with kids! My cousins Jeff and Jerry holding Moriah.

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Ryan K. said...

I wasn't able to attend the conference, but I was at tenth on Thursday for a meeting and snapped that photo. Anyway, I'll try to keep Mr. Sproul's advice!