Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Thoughts on Avatar

I watched Avatar over the weekend. I realize I am months late, but seeing as that I am usually years behind on the latest trends, this is about as "early adopter" as I'll ever be. The below are just a few thoughts that struck me while watching.

1. I wish the blue people had whiter teeth.

2. If a movie requires more than one bathroom break, it is TOO LONG.

3. There was literal tree hugging. Seriously?!

4. Why does James Cameron hate America?

5. Each time Giovanni Ribisi was onscreen, I thought about his character on Friends.

6. I didn't like the blue people or skypeople. Hey Sky People - stop ripping apart the pretty, sparkly forest! Hey Blue People - put on some clothes and stop the creepy tree worship!


Blessy said...

Ok...see now you made me actually want to watch. It almost sounds like a comedy with you commentary.

crissycheek said...

yes. I think we should all watch it with Susan. And sometimes I hug sycamore trees.

Helen said...

well, I didn't have to go to the bathroom, but I did wonder if Sigourney Weaver would ever grow in real life