Wednesday, June 9, 2010

For only $1

I have a lot of friends that do not live in the city...yet. I'm hoping the Dollar Stroll will convince some of them to pay me a visit more often this summer. Businesses along Baltimore Avenue in West Philly will be selling wares for a buck!

Everything from coffee to tofu skewers to ice cream to introductory yoga classes - just one dollar!

For details on vendors and dates, click here.


Helen said...

ooh I just saw this on fb. You'll have to remind me to check it out

sheri said...

$1 ice cream! Count me in! Actually, I’ve been meaning to suggest a gelato outing for weeks now. Because the only thing that can make the suffocating stickiness of a Philly heat wave bearable is a frozen dessert. And frankly, when I think gelato I think Susan. :) I’ve been super busy getting ready for some shows that are coming up, so I’ll be more available after this weekend. Miss you!