Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Public Prayer Over Food

When you are eating in a restaurant alone, do you pray for your food before taking a bite? What about if the meal is shared with other Christians? Let's say you are sharing a meal with friends who aren't followers of Christ, now do you pray? Or maybe your office splurges and caters a lunch with everyone piling into a conference room to eat, now what do you do?

Do you think those around you will feel uncomfortable? Does that in turn make you feel uncomfortable? Is it cause for concern if you feel uncomfortable?


sheri said...

i will admit i'm more apt to pray in public when i'm with other christians. conviction maybe? or comfort in the solidarity that my group brings? but when i'm alone, i'm much more sensitive to the people around me. it's more about what they think of me, than whether or not i'm making them uncomfortable (which says something about my vanity). and really, that's just silly. since at worst, a few people i may or may not ever see again will think i'm a little weird. and at best, they'll ask me about it. and that could lead to a great conversation.

Helen said...

I typically pray over my food, wherever I am, but after reading this post I thought back and realized I don't remember doing it at work for a while. It's not because I'm ashamed, as much as I'm just distracted by conversation or people. But this did remind me this past week to do so. I guess it was so public that my one coworker asked me if I was crying over my last day hahaha