Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Office Renovation

Several days ago we receive an email at my office informing us that our bathrooms will be undergoing major renovation, taking at least a month. So I have dutifully been trucking it to other parts of our building when nature calls. Then this morning I walk into our kitchen to wash the newspaper ink off my hands and start my day off with a chilled glass of agua, but the faucet doesn't want to give any up. A burst of ingenuity hits me, and I decide to hit up the hot water dispenser, but it too is on sabatical.

This has led to a lot of grumbling on the floor from colleagues, surprise, surprise. But there are easily identifiable bright spots.

1. Weight loss: Cubicle life can often contribute to someone being...squishy. Now soft and squishy are perfectly acceptable adjectives for a teddy bear or marshmallow, not so much for humans, especially if you are an unattached female human. All the additional walking is good for the body and helps give my mind a break.

2. Field Trips: I feel a little like Dora the Explorer - I'm brown, carry a schoolbag, and enjoy going out on adventures to scope out new places in the building that have working faucets and toilets.

3. New interactions: Naturally, all the walking around in the building leads to seeing new faces, which is great for the people-watcher in me. And all the renovations call for lots of construction workers, electricians, engineers. It feels a little like I am observing another people group entirely.


Helen said...

haha Dora the Explorer, love it! "I'm brown, carry a schoolbag..."

Susan said...

Seriously, I could almost pass for a high school student, especially if it's a day I am wearing khakis.