Saturday, April 3, 2010

Extra Baggage

Tripp Crosby on his baggage-checking skills:

I checked a 65 pound bag yesterday, and this was my conversation with Anthony Jackson, the Delta ticket counter attendant.

AJ: Sir, the limit for you bag is 50 pounds.

ME: Yeah, I know. I’ve thought this through.

MY BRAIN: I can’t believe I was able to pack everything in one bag. I have such an incredible sense of space. I am the man!

AJ: That will be $90 sir.

ME: 90 Dollars? For an extra 15 pounds?

AJ: 50 pounds is the limit.

MY BRAIN: 90 divided by 15 is 6…. that’s $6 per extra pound. I’m pretty fast at math. I am the man!

ME: So what if I had just brought a second bag?

AJ: Um, lets see… [typing stuff] 2 bags is 25 dollars.

ME: So, I can bring two bags totaling 100 lbs. for $25 or one bag that weighs 65 lbs. and pay $90?

AJ: That’s our policy.

MY BRAIN: That’s all the math I’m willing to do to make my point, from now on I’m using a rigid tone. I am the man!

ME: (in a slightly firm tone) What is the explanation for this?

AJ: The weight of your bags costs us in fuel.

ME: hmmmm….

MY BRAIN: Poor guy. He can’t add as good as me. Now I don’t know what to say. Think of something Tripp. Stop feeling sorry for him. Be the man!

To read the rest of the story and to see whether his math held up, click here.

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