Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Smile - Part 2

Yesterday's post on smiling was in paragraph form. I used sentences, punctuation, and correct-ish grammatical form. Today's post is in my favorite format - a list! So here is my list of ten things that make me smile, in addition to toothless old men with huge grins.

1. Tone-deaf Christians who are not afraid to sing loudly in church

2. Dogs that are patient enough to allow kids to jump on them and give them tight squeezes

3. Old men in bow-ties

4. Young men in bow-ties

5. When a Mariah Carey song starts playing in a retail establishment and several women start to sing along

6. Gentlemanly behavior on public transportation

7. Truck drivers that are willing to honk their horn for me, even though I am not child, when I do the arm-pumping motion

8. Ordering the five-piece chicken fingers and receiving six

9. Babies in onesies

10. Comments on my blog posts (wink, wink)

What has the power to consistently bring a genuine smile (not smirk) to your face?


jenny said...

My friend Susan makes me smile!! :D

crissycheek said...

sycamore trees. I love them most out of all creation. and my nephews:)