Monday, February 15, 2010

It's That Time of Year

Each year I try to attend the two local conferences listed below. The messages are consistently convicting and encouraging.

1. The Urban Ministry Conference: March 5th - 7th
(It's about sex)

2. PCRT 2010 : April 30 - May 2
This conference is so chock full of sermons that I almost always feel the need to crawl under the pew by Saturday afternoon for a nap. It's where I first heard D.A. Carson speak and it inspired my fourth blog post back in '07.

So if you are in or around the Philly area, check them out.


sheri said...

oooo, the pcrt. i want to go!

Susan said...

Sheri - You should come! And often they need volunteers and then they cover your registration.