Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Stick to the Cheeks Please

Is anyone else slightly weirded out when parents and children kiss each other on the lips? If I ever have children, they better not try to pull that move on me.


Steve LaBs said...

Susan! Hows it going? I have your blog on my google reader and enjoy your posts! ;)

I had to comment on this one. ;). Before I had a kid I thought it was totally weird for a parent to kiss their child on the lips. Now that I have my own kid it seems perfectly normal!

I think it may be an age thing too. Like I don't think I will be kissing my 16 year old on the lips? Maybe an age limit should be set to the weirdness? Just a thought. ;)

- Steve LaBriola

Susan said...

Part of my squirmy-ness probably comes from being raised in an asian background where you just never see that.

I agree Steve - talk to me in a few years and I bet lots of stuff I cringe at will be cute…except for diapers.