Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Lovers and Madmen

There are two coffee/pastry shops along 40th street in Philadelphia that I want to try. My motivation is not because of a craving for either coffee or sugary, diabetes-inducing treats, but because of their names. One is Cream and Sugar and the other is called Lovers and Madmen (this has to be from some literary work). I’m such a sucker for little shops with cute names. I want to hand them my monies simply because their signs make me smile.

One of my secret dreams has always been to become a mayor of a new town or join the marketing team for a makeup company, provided that both jobs would come with naming privileges. Why slap on purple nail polish when you could be using Eggplant Thunder instead? It’s much fiercer. Why would you want to live on Smith Rd when you could call Sugarplum Lane, Crimson Court, or Willow Whisper Crossing home instead?

Me thinks I’ve been ingesting too much children’s fiction lately…

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