Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Chapstick and Chapped Lips

Ever notice that your usual skin care routine doesn't quite cut it once cold weather sets in? Lips especially take a beating in the winter and my regular assortment of drugstore chapsticks are pansies against wind and temps below 50. Now normally, I would continue using them anyway because they are cheap. It didn't matter that I had to apply them every five minutes b/c hydrated lips are more important than work.

But then, I found bliss. It's like a warm comforting hug for your lips that keeps going and going. The packaging is a plain white tube and the balm itself is neither shiny nor scented, so it is great for both men and women.


elmkitchens said...

Where do you get this miracle lip drug?

Susan said...

I bought it at a Douglas store