Sunday, July 6, 2008


Lists are wonderful, as are calendars. Electronic devices makes it simpler for people to carry their various lists and agendas with them. However, I still prefer handwriting my to-do lists and using a paper calendar. It's not that I am anti-technology. It can be incredibly useful. Neither I am afraid of it. True, I am not the earliest adopter, but eventually I usually get on the technology train. However, you will never get me to completely trade in my hard-copy calendars, post-its, and lists. What is enjoyable about paper versions?

1. Slashes - One of the very first things I do upon arriving in my cubicle is to open up my desk calendar and to put a giant slash through the prior day. Mondays are the best because I get to slash out the weekend and Friday. I like how my arm feels as it makes the slashing motion.

2. Colored pens - Crayola has vomited on to my calendar

3. Post-Its - I know that there is post-it software for the computer. I do not use it. Old school all the way. Everyone has their own post-it system. The Post-Its on the edges of my desktop are of new changes that I need to remember (i.e. an employee has a new last name). The notes on my desk to the left of my computer are my To Do items. The notes on my overhead compartment are for information that is needed for an extended period of time, such as file paths. To limit waste, I often squeeze many items onto one note.

Since my job requires a lot of sitting and computer usage, I really appreciate anything that allows me to turn my chair and get away from the glare of the monitor, even if it is only to glance at my calendar.

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