Sunday, May 18, 2008


Parents and schools need to do a better job teaching youth about wise stewardship (there's a word you rarely here anymore), both of time and money. I've been through 5 years of B-school and have been working a few years in finance yet rarely have been taught anything about personal wealth management. Thankfully I was raised by parents who never lived lavishly, and thus they were able to consistently give to the church and other various organizations, setting a good example for us kids.

I know this basic formula: expenditures > income = sad Susan. I'm blessed to not be swimming in debt, but I want to be wiser about how I invest and give.

Speaking of outdated words, here is another that is rarely used - chastity. Can married people be chaste? Abstinence vs chastity?

Funniest line said to me while working in childcare at church : "Ms. Susan, look at this giraffe shake its hiney."

Oddest thing I've seen someone do at work: A lady flossing in front of her computer in full view of many coworkers. Take it to the bathroom people.

I took a bite of a Boca burger today and I wanted to throw up. How can vegans look to that junk as a main source of protein? Eat an egg! I seriously spent the rest of the afternoon trying to get the taste out of my system.

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