Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My 8 to 5

One of my old roommates (the now Mrs. Kitchens) saw the above picture of my current cube at work and said it was depressing. I guess the beige-ness sticks out. However, if you get a little closer you will see touches of color and a bit of my personality incorporated.

1. I have the cutest little desk fan in the world. Thank you Target.

2. I enjoy laughing. Tacked to my overhead drawer I keep silly quotes.
Want a closer look?

3. I sit next to a lady named Sue. Yes, Sue and Susan were placed in cubes side by side. Sometimes we shoot rubberbands at each other. Guess what religion she is.

4. Office Supplies are great!
5. Post-its are all over my cube.
6. My superhero power - Harassment Prevention!
7. The reason why so many of my coworkers visit my cube
8. Candy makes the day feel a little easier for people and makes them smile...unless they are diabetic....or allergic....or on a diet.


Crazy Molly said...

As the office's efficiency focal I must ask you if you really NEED all those office supplies taking up a whole drawer. Do you go through that many sticky notes and staples that they should be at your fingertips rather than say... in the supply closet?

In addition I think your monitor is sitting too low. This could be bad for your back and neck. Please allow me to correct your work station to improve its ergonomics. --Dwight K. Shroot (aka) Caroline

Esthertainment said...

You are BEAUTIFUL! :) and I'd LOVE some candy thank you!