Thursday, April 24, 2008

Parental Unit

A little taste of what happens during my day off:

I come home Wednesday night to celebrate my Father's b-day early and to see my mom before she leaves for India. I am in the van with my dad and he is talking about someone that is struggling with depression. Except he uses the phrase " a little cookoo (cuckoo?) problem." I told him that it wasn't a nice phrase but he thinks depression sounds worse. He kept saying cuckoo. I shouldn't have laughed, but alas....

I wake up early today and my mom sets me right to work. She says if I sit idle I will be bored. Swept floors, did my laundry, did their laundry, made beds, washed dishes - all before lunch. Her love language is obviously acts of service. As I am washing dishes my mom tosses a plate in the sink and I chide her about throwing things for fear of them breaking. She then proceeds to immediately throw more things into the sink and laughs snarkily.

My dad has a goofy silly sense of humor and my mom's humor has much more bite to it. I think I have a good balance of both.

My mom and sister with some furry friends.

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