Friday, April 25, 2008

It has begun

It was right around this time last year that this blog started. Entries were posted in spurts and then I would take breaks that lasted many weeks. Maybe I will be more consistent this year. Anyway, some notes from the first session of PCRT 2008.
Necessary Blood - RC Sproul

Was it necessary that Jesus' blood was shed for our redemption? We believe that it was absolutely necessary. Why?

A. Because of who we are - Sinners
1. Sin involved enmity and results in alienation between the Creator and the creature. This alienation needs reconciliation.
2. Sin involved a debt. The Creator has the right to impose obligations.
3. Sin is a crime that violates people. We have all been violated by others' sin and have violated others. First and foremost, our sin is an offense to a holy God. We are trying to assert our authority over the authority of God. It is cosmic treason.

B. Because of who God is
God is loving and long-suffering, but His love is a holy love, his patience is a holy patience. He cannot set aside His Holiness. His love will not negotiate His righteousness.

Without the blood, I perish.

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