Sunday, August 26, 2007

Can I have the...uh???

Brochettes de poulet au romarin
Lham Mrhosia

Voryonoye Miaso Po-Russki

Can you pronounce the above items?? I'll admit that I struggle with some of them and I suspect many of you do as well. Items like these and countless others are all over the menus of many fine restaurants.
They are probably quite tasty, but stare up at us from the menus, mocking us, daring us to try and order them without looking like a fool. So we skip over them and instead order the chicken fingers.

Don't give in! It doesn't matter if you have to stumble over the pronunciation or point at the item on the menu. Who cares if the snooty waiter barely hides a smirk??? You are missing out on a world of good eating!

In other news...I learned a new, easy, and clean way of poaching an egg. It worked very well.

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Helen said...

Care to share your egg poaching methods?