Sunday, May 13, 2007

I wonder if the society would be more productive if everyone was allowed to wear sneakers to work? Every morning in Center City, women commute to work in their sneakers. However, once at the cubicle, they often willingly strap on instruments of pain and destruction. Now, I'll admit to liking how heels look. However, I rarely can walk in them for any long (or short) period of time. So basically, I am really good at sitting in heels.

I recently hurt my ankle again and have been wearing sneakers to work. Praise God for shoes that give adequate support! Is it any wonder that so many women get tired and irritable? You would be more prone to weariness too if you had to squeeze your feet into torture devices Good arch support puts everyone in a good mood. When I am ruler of the world, everyone wears sneakers to work!

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