Sunday, April 15, 2007

So shall it be written...

Fret Not Yourself. Read the first nine verses of Psalm 37. The sermon at church today focused on Trusting God (also an excellent book). So often we look at our fretful responses to people or situations as being neutral or we justify them in our minds. Do you know what Scripture says about fretting? Look at verse 8. Some fruit of fretting: evil, envy, anger. What is the root of our fretting? The desires of our heart. They may not be evil desires, but fretting often begins when we look and trust in ourselves for fulfillment of those desires or if they carry more importance in our hearts than the Lord. Are we delighting in the Lord? Are we trusting in the Lord? Are we waiting for the Lord? Being still before the Lord? Committing our way to the Lord?

I need to learn to draw my gaze away from my efforts and focus it upon God. Fretting shows lack of trust in God. Why is it that I often trust my feeble, weak, sinful self over my God who is holy, loving, just, gracious, and the author and finisher of my faith? Fret not yourself. Just some points from the sermon today at church and my thoughts.
I should probably have a general theme or format or audience in mind for this blog, but I don't, at least not yet. It may often just end up being a rambly mess. Rambly isn't a word.

The smell of chai is wafting from the kitchen. My roommate is making some on the stove and I look forward to drinking it, after it's poured over ice of course. Even during cold, stormy weather, iced beverages are what I prefer. It's also never too cold for ice cream. I just read the last few sentences to one of my roommates and she said it was corny.

So a nor'easter blew into town today. It was white-knuckle driving the entire time on our commute back from church, well, as white-knuckle as it can be considering the driver was Indian. haha Maybe I am corny =).

Anyway, made us realize how dependent we are on God.

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