Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Adult Onesie

My parents recently returned from a missions trip to India, so I decided to call and see how they were recovering from jet lag. My dad picks up and we proceed to shoot the breeze for a few minutes. I can hear my sister in the background, so I ask him how she is doing. I expect a casual response, along the lines of, "She's fine" or "She just got back from work." Instead this is what he tells me...

Dad: She is showing me her onesie.
Me: A onesie??!!
Dad: She is wearing it. All she needs now is a diaper.

I made this phone call while walking through the Macy's on my way home from work. So now I am walking through the store, past the men buying shoes and boxers, laughing hysterically at the thought of my little sister in a onesie.

I proceed to shoot her a text.

Me: Seriously Sheryl, a onesie??
Sheryl: It's an "adult sleeper." Yes, and it is nice and warm and comfy.
Me: What color?
Sheryl: Black

I'm thinking to myself, "That's not so bad. It's like a jumpsuit. Those are kind of in right now." A few seconds go by and then another text comes in...

Sheryl: With penguins on it

The blogger in me immediately wants to get home and write about it. The kind sister in me decides not to as I don't want to embarrass her before the world wide webs.

Me: I really wish u would let me blog about it, but I am guessing u won't
Sheryl: I don't care if u blog about it, I like my sleeper!

Notice how she keeps calling it a "sleeper?" It almost tricks you into thinking it is normal. Almost...

Me: Props for not being ashamed
Sheryl: Goodness, what's there to be ashamed about!? I even wore it to the Halloween party.

She wore it in public! In PUBLIC!! My 5'8, twenty-four year old sister, who teaches at the university level, wore a black onesie decorated with penguins out in public. Granted, it was Halloween, but still!

She then asks if I am ashamed of her, and I can honestly say that I am not ashamed. I tell her that I actually admire her bravery.

Sheryl: Seriously, what's so brave about adult footies...They're long, warm, and great for the end of the year. I'm telling u, one has not lived till they purchase one...

I have a strange feeling she is going to buy me one for Christmas...


sheri said...

Ahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa! Hahahahahaaaa! Susan, you totally need one.

ELMK said...

Three Things:

1. I had a onesie sleeper a while back until the zipper broke. It really was SUPER warm and cozy to sleep in.

2. I once wore it to high school for "pajama day" and was awarded best pajamas.

3. I saw this, and other versions at Target yesterday and I really wanted to get the monkey one.

3. My sister-in-law also wore this for Halloween, with some additions and was "A penguin on vacation."

Susan said...

I imagine onesies make going to the bathroom a bit more complicated

Helen said...

hahaha I totally want one. Petra walks around in hers all the time and looks soo cozy and warm!