Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Philadelphia Health Clinic Review

I'm an insured American with an uninsured American's habits. I do not go to the doctor. In fact, the last primary physician I had was a pediatrician, my last dentist wore a clown's outfit (Brushyland!) and I've never even stepped foot inside a gynecology office. Do not emulate my behavior. It's silly that money has left my paycheck for years towards medical and dental and I haven't even had a basic physical. Who knows what kids of crazy diseases are floating around my system?!

All this to say, it takes a lot for me to even consider going to a medical professional. Last week as I was getting into bed, something flew into my eye. Rubbing it furiously did not help and neither did water, eye drops, eye washes, and other various tricks the internet suggested. I tried to ignore it for a few days in the hopes that it would fall out on it's own, but it became evident it would not shift and my hands would not be deft or steady enough to remove it.

But of course, I have no doctor and since I was in no pain, didn't feel like dealing with the hassle of an emergency room. So I trucked it over to the Drexel University Walk-In Clinic at 17th and Chestnut in Center City Philadelphia. The facilities were clean, well lit, and in a very convenient location. And that is where the positives end, sadly.

I explained that I was in no pain, but that I was unable to get the particle out of the eye on my own accord. I figured they would skillfully apply some drops and I would skip merrily along my way. However, they did not even bother looking at it! How difficult would it have been to shine a light at my eyeball or drop some Visine in there with ninja-like precision?

I grade you an F. I'm sorry that I cut into your internet surfing time.



ELM.K. said...

I think the lesson here is- get a primary care physician! Get an eye doctor, get a gynecologist, get a dentist. Start using that insurance! I should follow this lesson too.

Susan said...

My ideal primary physician is one that will never make me take my clothes off.

Blessy said...

LOL! I'm laughing at your comment Su. You are crazy but entertaining. haha.