Thursday, February 18, 2010

Healthy Bites

Have you been cooped up most of the winter? It can often be hard to find the motivation to get out and about when the wind is fierce enough to knock you over or when the sidewalks resemble an icy tundra. Have no fear, spring is on its way! And it's a great time to try something new, like an affordable cooking class in Philadelphia!

Healthy Bites has several classes coming up soon, from how to wield your knife with ninja-like precision to mastering Mediterranean cuisine.

Maybe you're a guy that plans boring dates - take her to Healthy Bites! Or maybe you are looking to learn cooking techniques that don't require the use of lard, yet still rock the tastebuds - swing by Healthy Bites! Perhaps you like eating - you'll do some of it at Healthy Bites!

So go!

(I was not paid for this blog post...but maybe I should be...with a free cooking class!)

If you are lazy and/or have expendable income, they also do meal delivery.

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