Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Discerning Advertising

"Any time you see sex added to a product that is not inherently sexual, you are being told by the company that makes the product that their product is not special or unique in any way."

- Mark Barnett of Ditchwalk

HT: Eric Barker

Aggressively sexual advertising is not new. You can't walk in a mall, turn on the TV, or flip through a magazine without being bombarded by inappropriate speech or images. Though saddening, it's not surprising. If an advertiser is not a Christian, I shouldn't expect to see wholesome messages come across in their media.

However, it has always struck me as incredibly uncreative and lazy to simply rely on the same-old sexual antics to sell your product. What does that really say about your product or your opinion of the intelligence level of your targeted audience?

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Binu said...

I've been taking a course entitled "Assessing and Treating Sexual Problems," and it's been interesting to me to consider the human development concerning sexuality. Since the church (as in Christians) does a poor job in defining gender and sexuality, our personal definition is often the result of worldly cues.

All that to say, why do these advertisers use sex to sell their product? I would actually say that it's not laziness, rather it's addressing the majority's definition of gender and sexuality. They are capitlizing on our current condition.

But I definitely see your point. I think it's worth further discussion (and ultimately redefinement).

Thanks for the post.