Tuesday, November 10, 2009

5 after 5

On the first Thursday of each month, the National Constitution Center has $5 admission after 5pm. It includes a guided tour, the theater show, and special monthly programming.

Good for:
1. History buffs
2. Killing time before your Old City dinner reservation
3. Sneaking in an educational experience while keeping your kids entertained
4. People who slept through American History class and are now trying to catch up
5. Affordable, intellectual fun


Blessy said...

So can you only go Saturday's for an hour since they close everyday by 5 or before? Am I missing something?

Blessy said...

Haha...I missed the Thursday (I admit just quickly scanned your post and missed some details...hehe). How late are they open on the 1st Thursday of every month?

Susan said...

Why am I not surprised you skipped the details I gave? =)