Monday, July 27, 2009

Bridal Party Transportation

I've seen bridal parties roll up to weddings in limos. I've seen bridal parties roll up to weddings in stretch limos. Mini vans? Yup, I've seen those as well (and have been a part of bridal parties that traveled mini-van style). I've seen the regular sedans, Rolls Royces, two-doors, historic trolleys and stretch Hummers. I thought I had seen it all, from lavish luxury vehicles to those that walk from one destination to the next.

I was wrong.

This weekend I attended a wedding in which the groom and his attendants rolled up to the ceremony in a giant red limo truck. A GIANT SHINY RED LIMO TRUCK! A person over six feet can stand up straight inside of it!

And it was called Optimus Prime. OPTIMUS PRIME!!!!

Not even exaggerating an ounce - Why oh why didn't I take a picture?!

(I went over to it frequently, but it never transformed into a fighting robot. Sore disappointment was felt by many.)

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