Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Underground Tales

How long is the average commute in America? Whatever it is, I’m sure my commute is shorter. My subway ride is less than 5 minutes and it rolls up right under my building in Center City. Thankfully, there are rarely ever delays when I hop on the EL, and when there are, they are usually because of train back-up or some minor technical problem with the train itself.

There was a slight delay this morning. No, there was no problem with the train this time. A water main break was not the cause. Criminal activity was not the reason we were stopped in a dark underground tunnel either. Our conductor came on over the speaker to let us know that there was a naked man running around at the next stop and that we would move once he had been caught. It was nice starting the morning off with a giggle. What surprised me was the general lack of laughter from other passengers. IT’S A NAKED MAN PEOPLE!

Our delay was not even two minutes long, so the guy must have been slow.

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Anonymous said...

haha! your last comment made me laugh even more than the rest of the post! I would've busted a gut right along with you!! :) You also forgot to mention that the El is stopped every 10 years for the threat of Anthrax :)