Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ponder this

What is a modern day equivalent of laying at the feet of Boaz? Is there an appropriate, creative way to "pull a Ruth"?

HT: Candice Watters for the phrase in quotes


elmkitchens said...

What Ruth did was pretty bold/ scandelous for that time. I'm no expert, but we went through the book of Ruth in a recent semron series at church and I recall this being discussed. I'm pretty sure a modern day equivalent would require some behavior out of character for you.

This is an interesting thought- gets my brain pumping.

Do you need to pull a Ruth?

Susan said...

I agree that Ruth's experience is not normative.

I will not be "pulling a Ruth" because I don't feel as though I should, I wouldn't know how to even if I felt I should, and there is no Boaz around.

But I am interested if people have ideas.