Thursday, June 25, 2009

Loose Leaf

They don’t usually intimidate me, pushy sales people that is. I try to remind myself that I don’t owe them anything. You can talk to me in a condescending manner, have a super friendly demeanor, give me the stink-eye stare, or present a thorough dissertation-like product spiel, very rarely will I purchase if I don’t want to. It is perfectly acceptable to walk into an establishment, peruse their offerings, and decide to hold off on buying. Rash decision making is just not my style. It took me close to eight months to decide on a laptop!

That is why I am confused as to why I bought tea at Teavana this weekend. How did that lady convince me to buy the Tarocco Ruby Orange Apple Lemon Pomegranate blend (I promise I am not making up the name)? I’m thankful she wasn’t able to persuade me to buy the air-tight tin to store the tea, the natural raw sugar from some South American country to sweeten the tea, nor the honey sticks. I should probably just avoid that store going forward, or say a quick prayer asking for bolstered defenses.

This little pouch better make the 30 cups she promised it would.

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