Thursday, April 9, 2009

Honest Titanic Review

Salon has this great review of the movie Titanic and a frank character assessment of Rose (played by Kate Winslet).

"Rose, was one of the vilest and most disgusting characters ever to grace the silver screen. From beginning to end, she displayed nothing but character flaws and a lack of concern for everyone else around her."

"Anyway, our hero Jack puts Rose on a lifeboat. Of course, being safe is not enough, so she jumps back onto the sinking ship -- a prime example of great decision-making. After it goes down, Jack is safe on a door of some sort, but he has to give up his spot to save Rose. Now Rose is on the door, and Jack is stuck in the freezing waters. So in a sense she kills Jack in a slow, frigid, painful way -- sort of like the experience I felt while watching this movie."


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SGeoThomas said...

That is so dead on! ... word for word what I've ALWAYS said about Rose's character ever since I first saw the movie ... petty I know, but that totally made my day :) ... thanks!