Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thoughts from UMC

In this prior post, a little background was given to my history and experiences in Philly and I ended it off with the promise to share some thoughts from the Urban Ministry Conference I attended.

1. The pastors did an excellent job at refuting the "we're going to save the city!" mentality. Conferences can often lead to exuberance (helped by the steady flow of pastries during breaks) that may not be tempered with wisdom. There is only one Savior. Soli Deo Gloria

2. Life in the city can often reveal what we truly believe about God and others – you may realize you don’t trust that God can save certain kinds of people, you may realize you are a little racist, you view God as small and so your prayers are small, etc.

3. I left with a renewed desire to pray for Philadelphia. Not every Christian needs to be in a city environment, but many more are certainly needed. Cities are often centers of influence in various spheres - medicine, education, sports, arts and culture, food, government and politics, etc. Christians should be active in those spheres, not for our fame, but for God's glory.

What I enjoy about conferences are the conversations that happen where we chew over what was said, even weeks later. Much is still being pondered in my heart.

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