Thursday, March 26, 2009

Comfort Zone Expansion

Have you ever found yourself enjoying something you previously disliked? Maybe you used to turn your nose up at that song, food, boy, fashion trend, or brand but now find yourself pleasantly disposed towards it/them? For instance, my roommate Lindsey loves herself some country music. My musical tastes are pretty wide and varied, but I’ve just never been down with that genre, but now I find myself singing along! My Pandora profile has a country station!

It’s been amusing to see how roommates can subtly influence each other through the years. Taking just food as an example - I think Liz K. and I opened Blessy’s eyes to the wonders of Mint Choco Chip ice cream, Lindsey now eats more ethnic foods, and I had never even tried Spam until Rachel was frying some up in a pan and the salty smell enticed me.

Thankfully, the level of influence has not been simply relegated to food. God has been so good to consistently provide me with outstanding roommates. Seriously, you’re roommates are nowhere near as cool as mine have been. It’s just the truth. They pray with passion, share the Gospel with the people in their lives, wrestle with how to honor parents, and open up the apartment consistently to guests. We discuss faith, cultural engagement, boys, food, music, boys, citizenship, sin, books, food, spiritual disciplines, boys, and food. ;)

Are there people in your life that push the boundaries of your comfort zone? Does someone challenge or encourage you to fast or join them in exercise or try a new hairstyle? If you are living in community with other believers, take advantage of it. If not, ask someone to be all up in your space!

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