Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pointing to Others

1. Is the green movement becoming a religion? As Christians, how do we effectively care for the earth we've been given without being carried away by the hysteria sweeping the nation? Do we need "green" Bibles? You can check out this blog or the article that it references.

2. Restaurant Week is almost upon us again. Hundreds of top-notch restaurants in Center City will be serving up at least three courses for only $35. Grab a bunch of friends, save up, and experience a place you've never been to.

3. I know it isn't fashionable. Forget about being celebrated or tolerated, caring for the rights of the unborn or other vulnerable groups is often down right ridiculed. We need to fight the fetus-fatigue that runs rampant in many evangelical circles. Pray. Learn. Serve (adopt, foster, give money, love, etc.). Start gracious conversations. Interact with those who have been fighting faithfully. And yes, I am talking to myself too.

4. He is pretty scared. =)

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