Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas in Philadelphia

Looking for Christmas events in the Philadelphia region? Here are some free or affordable options.

1. Christmas Village - Craving some brat wit kraut? Looking to pick up some festive trinkets while sipping egg-nog or cider? Swing on over to City Hall for yummy treats and visit the decorative booths. Admission is free. Make sure to walk on over to the City Hall tree as well. Danke to German American Marketing for sponsoring this event.

2. Comcast Holiday Spectacular - Philly's tallest (for now) skyscraper has a huge HD video wall. To be exact, 2100 square feet. Walk right into the building and catch their 15 minute Holiday show. It won't cost you a penny. If you get hungry wander down to their gourmet food court. This will cost you a few hundred pennies, or a few thousand depending on how hungry you are.

3. Macy's Holiday Light Show - If you love the sound of Julie Andrew's voice, swing on over to Macy's (13th and Market) for the annual light and organ show. Again, it's free. But be careful because their huge shoe department will be close by to tempt you.

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Helen said...

LOL @ "a few hundred...thousand pennies" and the Macy's shoe dept!