Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sola Gratia series

Jared Mellinger preached on Sunday, continuing our series through Galations called Sola Gratia.

Jesus came to give us freedom. A socio-economic freedom? A political freedom? He came to give us freedom from sin, death, and the wrath of God that we deserved. Yet it is possible for those that have been set free in Christ to burden themselves with slavery again.

Yokes of Slavery to Avoid

1. Self Justification - God's grace is not dependent on our works. We go to Him filthy. Christ is our righteousness. We are often like Abraham, who tried to bring about God's promise through human effort.

2. Rigid Conformity - There is no cookie cutter approach to Christianity. Do you require that others adhere to man-made rules rather than the Word of God? In Paul's time people would argue over circumcision and eating rituals. Now the conflicts may sound a little like this - Do you homeschool? You send your kids to public school??!!!
Let us conform to the image of Christ! Let our passion for the Gospel unite us.


A story that was told to me by one of the boys in Alpha Kids: "One time I was playing outside and I had to go poops. So I ran but I wasn't fast enough and I poops in my underwear"

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