Saturday, June 7, 2008

I am not skilled at coming up with titles for posts

Financial Peace University starts in a few weeks and I think I will try to blog about my experience. I am really looking forward to learning practical personal finance skills taught from a biblical perspective. We watched a preview and that Dave Ramsey is quite funny, so at least the DVDs won't put me to sleep.
My sister's birthday is at the very end of July, but she has already started talking about it.
Are most of your friends people who have similar birth order positions as you? I've come to realize that many of my closest friends are the oldest sibling. Similarly, my sister is drawn to people that were the babies of their families.
So, the heatwave in Philly has begun. We have several days where the temperature is in the high 90s...and I have no air conditioning in my bedroom. There is a ceiling fan, but they make me nervous. It makes noise so I am paranoid about it falling down and cutting me up. That would not be cool.

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