Friday, February 22, 2008

V-Day in the City

Every v-day couples get married in Reading Terminal. I'm not quite sure why they would want to get married in close proximity to butchers, bakers, and candlestick makers, but it makes for an interesting lunch.

Another funny story (to me) from my v-day Reading terminal visit - I went there during lunch to grab some food and an old guy approached me. He was yelling, "Where are you from? Are you from India?" I tried to casually walk away but it was too crowded for me to move anywhere. Also, he was the kind of old guy that likes to invade your personal bubble. He kept getting close and people were staring, so I figured I better talk to him. I let him know that yes, I was from India. He was like "I know Beena! I know Beena!" hahahaha...(I probably know 5 girls named Beena). Then he slapped my shoulder and we both laughed, him out of amusement and me out of nervousness. This is not the first time an old guy has asked me these types of questions about my origin. I always attract interesting people.